The Snake Hole: The Transition to Australian Soil


In the last 9 years we have achieved a lot of things we’re proud of as a label. But the ability to make our garments on Australian soil tops it all. As a label, we occupy a small part of the Australian streetwear scene, an even smaller amount of labels are actually made on Australian soil. Over the years we have seen the manufacturing industry in general diminish with companies like Holden, Toyota and Ford ceasing production in Australia. But hit just as hard was the Australian fashion and textile industry. Since 1990 employment within the Australian fashion and textile industry has decreased by 75%.


So this is the reason we have decided to come home. We want to do our part in supporting the local garment industry and help create awareness around slow, ethical and local fashion. Working hand in hand and face to face with the people who make our garments has always been a vision of ours, and we are stoked to say we’ve now made it happen.