Frequently Asked Questions

Do you restock items once sold out?

On rare occasions, yes. However, for the majority of our garments, we do not restock once an item is sold out. We try our best to make sure everyone is able to get their desired style and size, however due to production minimums and costs, as a small label we are often unable to restock our garments. To make sure you don’t miss out, we recommend subscribing to our mailing list to keep up to date with when all of our products will be released. 

Where are your clothes manufactured? 

Currently, the majority of our cut & sew program is manufactured within a conscious selection of factories within China, whom we’ve built a strong relationship with over the last 5 years. We’re passionate about ethical manufacturing, and only work with factories that have full ethical accreditations. All staff work fair hours and are paid a reward rate, all within a safe, clean workspace. 

As much as we’d love to have all of our production within Australia, unfortunately there are severe limitations as to what is logistically possible within our textiles industry. This is a multi-layered issue that includes the kinds of machinery, infrastructure and textiles we have access to, which inturn limits the kinds of garments that can be made here. With that being said, our Australian made pieces are still an integral aspect of The Snake Hole, and we aim to release at least one collection of Australian made garments per season as our effort to contribute to our manufacturing industry.

How do I know what size I should order? 

We’re highly conscious of how difficult it can be to order the correct size from an online store, which is why we include detailed size guides as well as the model’s dimensions within in the product information for every item. You can find our size guides just above the Add to Cart button on each product page.  

Can I organise an exchange / refund for my order

Yes, absolutely! However please read our exchange and refund policy before doing so. 

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